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Clifton, New Jersey-based NJ Micro Electronic Testing, Inc. (NJMET) is a premier electronic component testing company.

In order to check the reliability of electronics used by private companies and governmental agencies, engineers at NJMET perform such procedures as

  • environmental testing

  • discrete and linear tests

  • various other techniques in order to check the reliability of electronics used by private companies and governmental agencies. 

During the 1980s, under the guidance of Joseph Federico, NJMET engineers were involved with the Strategic Defensive Initiative, which grew during Reagan administration. NJ Micro Electronic Testing’s goal was to ensure various components would remain reliable in automotive, aerospace, and military applications. Because of its success with government contracts, NJMET began working with such companies as Honeywell International, Inc.; The Boeing Company; and Lockheed Martin Corporation. NJMET's innovative testing prowess grew in the 1990s, as the New Jersey based company worked closely with contractors from NASA, the FCC, the Israeli defense and aerospace industry, and the United States Department of Defense. NJMET held responsibility for the testing of components used in highly sensitive projects, including the Space Shuttle, the Patriot Air and Missile Defense System, and the B-52 and F-18 projects. Named the Region II Subcontractor of the Year in 1994 by the United States Small Business Administration, NJ Micro Electronic Testing has been the recipient of many accolades through its history. 

NJ Micro Electronic Testing also employs its experts in the identification of counterfeit electronic components developed by its Vice President, Joseph Federico. Joseph recently anounced the 2014/2015 renewal of ITAR Registration, with the Compliance and Registration Division of the Office of Defense Trade Controls Complaince. Aside from its headquarters in Clifton, New Jersey, NJ Micro Electronic Testing has sales offices in Los Angeles, London, and Denver.  


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